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About Us

Our aim is simple - to train YOU to become a safe and comfortable diver, whilst also having as much fun as we can possibly provide you with

At Diving Dreams, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent service and commitment to our customers, 

We are an SSI scuba diving training center also offering PADI courses from beginner through to professional level as well as first aid training through Reactright.

Meet Our Team

Gary Grant

Instructor Trainer

Gary got hooked on diving after a try scuba session on holiday. He went on to complete his open water course in the UK in 1997 and progressed to Instructor Trainer in 2018. His passion is wreck diving and teaching people so that they can share the experience. Gary believes that the UK offers some amazing diving experiences such as historic wrecks and amazing wildlife like seals.

Kevin Linsell

Assistant Instructor Trainer and Disability instructor

Kev found his passion for diving on a trip to Egypt in 2005 and went on to complete his Open Water in 2006. He later progressed to instructor in 2009. Kev's favourite course to teach is try scuba and stress and rescue. He feels very privileged to have dived all over the world and to have progressed on to his rebreather. Kev also teaches all of our disability courses.

Corey Powell

Advanced Open Water Instructor

Corey started diving in 2012 after his wife brought him a try scuba. Since he qualified as a Scuba Diver, he has been lucky to have some amazing diving experiences such as the wrecks in Scapa Flow and diving with a pod of dolphins in Egypt. He is extremely passionate about diving & teaching, especially when it comes to a side mount kit configuration.

Cameron Grant

Open Water Instructor

Cam started diving at the age of 8 and qualified as a Junior open water diver at age 12. He worked up the ranks, qualifying as an open water instructor in 2019. Cam loves teaching and educating new generations of divers how to safeguard the underwater world for generations to come. He believes that if we look after the world now, it will look after us for the future.

Gary Crosby

Assistant Instructor

Gary began diving in 1988 on a backpacking trip around south-east Asia and Australia, the Great Barrier Reef being his first experience of the underwater world. Gary has visited many exotic dive sites but one of his favorite dives is on the M2 submarine on the Dorset coast. Gary believes that diving truly has it all including a great social scene and is a great way to make new friends.

Graham De Souza

Dive Master in training

Graham first qualified as an open water diver with SSI whilst on holiday in Phuket, Thailand, in February 2015. Since qualifying, he has dived in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Mozambique, Malta, and Thailand. Graham enjoys the opportunities for adventure that diving opens up, such as exploring wrecks or caverns and being able to observe the often fascinating marine life that inhabits this planet.