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Become a Pro

Dive guide


This ​course provides candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to supervise and guide certified divers on recreational scuba dives. By giving dive briefings, doing site evaluations, and leading dives, you will become a confident Dive Guide in no time. Begin your diving career working as a Professional Dive Guide or continue the qualifications for Divemaster.



This course will provide you with the knowledge and training necessary to perform the duties of a certified assistant. This includes assisting SSI Instructors with conducting entry-level and continuing education scuba training programs.

Assistant Instructor


This qualification will enable you to collect valuable teaching experience by conducting entry-level scuba training under the supervision of an Open Water instructor, while also independently conduct Scuba Skills updates, Try Scuba, and Perfect Buoyancy programs.

Instructor & Beyond


This in-depth course provides candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to organise and conduct entry-level scuba training courses. It is also intended to prepare candidates to successfully complete an Instructor Evaluation.