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The following training courses are available and will be run regularly throughout the year. Please contact us for dates and availability.

Snorkel diver cours​e - £40.00 

Going on holiday and planning to spend some time snorkelling? Let us teach you how to get the most out of the aquatic environment. We can teach you how to duck dive, snorkel clearing techniques and snorkelling related tips to ensure that you make the most of your underwater adventure. Minimum age 8 years (parent/guardian to complete consent and medical forms).  

Scuba Rangers £25.​00​

Young adventurers looking for a new experience? Why not try our Scuba Rangers course? The session starts with a short talk explaining the basic rules of scuba diving and the equipment that will be used. Into the water for an hour's play with underwater toys and games with one of our Instructors. Progression can be made to the Scuba Ranger development programme which are a series of structured lessons for junior divers to be completed in the pool. Minimum age 8 years (parent/guardian to complete consent and medical forms).

Stuck for a birthday party with a difference - why not have Scuba Ranger Party? Please call for further details and information on ratio numbers. 

Try Scuba - £40

Have you ever seen scuba divers and wonder what it is like to breathe underwater? Let us show you. Starting with an informal briefing explaining the effects diving has on the human body, we will then show you how to assemble the equipment before entering into the pool for a one hour experience. During this time you will be able to swim around and if you wish, participate in some of the introductory skills involved in the Open Water Diver Course. Minimum age 10 years.

Should you decide that you wish to become a qualified diver, if you book the Open Water Diver Course within 7 days of completing the Try Scuba Diving experience, we will deduct the cost of the Try Dive from the price of the Open Water Course.

Open water course £395 /Referral Course £250.00

Open Water Diver Course/Junior

This is the first level of diver qualification and the most recognised diving qualification in the world. Run over 6 weekly sessions followed by 2 days in open water, all courses are taught on low student to instructor ratio to ensure that you get the best tuition possible. The cost of the course includes all training, materials, equipment hire and classroom and pool sessions. The only extra charge will be entry to the open water venue if you complete the course in the UK, although there is the referral option whereby the open water dives can be completed abroad. Minimum age 10 years

Want to qualify quickly? We can offer individual training - please enquire for further details.

SSI Advanced Adventurer/

PADI Advanced Open Water - £230.00

Qualified to dive and wanting to expand your experience? The next step is the Advanced Open Water course which will not only build your diving knowledge but also allow you to dive to 30 meters*. The course involves 2 core dives (a deep dive and a navigation dive) and then the choice of three elective dives from a list of 12 options. The course can therefore be tailormade to suit your interests and goals, thus making it a very personal qualification. The course can be completed over one weekend with no classroom sessions required as it is purely self-study with the relevant knowledge reviews completed and checked before entering the water. Minimum age 12 years

*Junior Depth limit 21 metres

SSI Stress and Rescue - £275.00/PADI Rescue Course - £275.00

By far one of the most rewarding courses you will ever do as it not only provides you with an additional scuba diving qualification but also a First Aid* qualification. We would advise that all scuba divers should complete this course as not only will it allow you to deal with problems you may encounter, but will also make you more observant and aware of situations around you. The first aid part is taught in one evening followed by two knowledge development and pool skill practice sessions and two days in openwater. Minimum age 12 years

*If you already hold a current first aid and CPR qualification, this part of the course does not need to be completed.

Scuba Skills Update - £65.00

Providing qualified divers with a safe and enjoyable way to refresh and update their skills. It can also provide non-certified Open Water students with another practice session before their open water training dives.

Speciality Dive Courses - from £90.00

These are courses that focus on a specific area of diving and are therefore individual to each person's interests. A few options are listed below:

Deep diver - increases depth limits to 40 metres.

Wreck diver - learn how to explore wrecks in a more constructive manner.

Advanced Wreck diver - learn how to independently plan and conduct limited penetration to 30 metres.

Enriched Air Diver - provides longer bottom time and a safer dive.

Drysuit Diver - Lengthen your dive season and keep warmer in a drysuit.

Photo and Video Diver - get more out of your underwater photography.

Drift Diver - Go with the flow and fly underwater.

Navigation Diver - Develop knowledge and skills to safely navigate using both natural and compass skills.

Perfect Buoyancy - hone your buoyancy skills and dive more comfortably.

Night and Limited Visibility

Equipment Techniques - learn how to select equipment that meet your diving needs and how to clean, maintain and store your equipment.

Boat diving - develop the knowledge and skills to conduct dives from a variety of boats including RIBs and liveaboards.

Science of Diving - in depth study of diving physics, physiology, decompression theory, the aquatic environment and diving equipment.

Search and Recovery - providing the knowledge and skills to safely and comfortably perform basic search and recover dives for small objects.

Contact us for further information as minimum requirements vary.

Master Diver

This is the highest non-professional qualification you can achieve and reflects excellent achievement and proficiency. Upon successfully completing the Rescue Diver course, any 5 speciality courses and 50 logged dives, you can apply for this qualification.

Dive Guide

See Professional courses for more details